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Named after the poet and sufi mystic Rumi, who left an imprint on the world from the Balkans to Bengal, Rumi Sounds is a vinyl label obsessed with the journey of music.

Tracing rhythm and melodies as they cross borders, mold, adapt and refuse categorization, Rumi Sounds publishes manifold genres. We seek to unearth the gems hidden along this path, as well as promote new musicians, who are involved in this wayfaring.

Rumi Sounds was founded as an independent label under the record store Lefter Records in 2021 in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Julia Strutz: Co-Founder/Executive Manager

Erbatur Çavuşoğlu: Co-Founder/Music Director

Ezgi Keskinsoy: Graphic Design

Aaron Snyder: Data Security

Çağrı Güven: Digital Music Advisor

Jimmy Trash: Marketing

Brian Kiel: Technical Support

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