Dream Works / Rüya İşler

180 gram black vinyl in gatefold sleeve Experimental-improvised-traditional music recordings of Istanbuler cellist Berlin based cellist, composer and improviser Anıl Eraslan brings together 11 musicians from Istanbul. The dreams of these musicians are composed and improvised for this album. Dream Works offer an extended musical experience that is surrounded by traditional and experimental approaches. LinerContinue reading “Dream Works / Rüya İşler”


180 gram black vinyl in gatefold sleeve with english lyrics Turkish underground rock misfit Erbatur Çavuşoğlu’s first solo album is finally here: an intimate collection of previously unreleased songs and new versions, with fresh arrangements by Big Daddy Mugglestone. The result is like Iron & Wine being fronted by a Taksim Square street poet, orContinue reading “Ukde”